Preamble: Genesis of the Programme

Taking note of steep decline in research environment in Indian Universities and stagnation of faculty and infrastructure, the Government of India, through the University Grants Commission, has decided to launch a new Programme called "UGC-Faculty Recharge Programme" to redress this situation. This is a pressing requirement since majority of our Universities, especially State Universities, have not recruited faculty on a significant scale for a long time and are in danger of losing more than a generation of researchers.

Lack of availability of faculty positions, besides other endemic problems associated with hiring of faculty, are often cited as causative factors of this state of affairs. The recent creation of new eight Indian Institutes of Technology, five Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research and sixteen Central Universities is anticipated to further aggravate this problem.

The Faculty Recharge Initiative offers an effective mechanism to address this problem and should provide a unique opportunity to the Universities aspiring to upgrade and rejuvenate faculty resources in their science - and engineering related departments. Under the Programme, fresh talent, at all levels of academic hierarchy, is to be inducted in selected departments / centers through a nationally-conducted competitive process and the inductees are to be placed as Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors.

To impart distinct identity to these specially selected faculties, a prefix 'UGC' has been added to each of these categories. And, the faculties will be designated as UGC-Assistant Professors, UGC-Associate Professors and UGC-Professors, respectively. It is intended to ensure that individuals with exceptional creativity, zeal and commitment to research and teaching will be selected through this Programme. The positions will be tenable at Universities eligible to receive developmental funds under UGC.

National Coordinator
Prof. Sudesh Nangia

Faculty Selection Results - Cycle IV (16.02.2017)

Closure of New Registrations under UGC-FRP (12.12.2016)