Publications Model Format

1. ZmcPK370, a Protein kinase C-type enzyme from maize: Biochemical characterization regulation by phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate and its possible involvement in nitrate reductase gene expression (1998) Chandok Meena R and Sopory Sudhir K J Bio Chem 273(30) 19235-19242

2. Designing photosystems for harvesting photons into electrons by sequential electron transfer processes: Reversing the reactivity profiles of α,β-unsaturated ketones as carbon radical precursor by one electron reductive β-activation (1997) Pandey G, Hajra S, Ghorai MK and Ravikumar K J Amer Chem Soc. 119 8777-8787

3. Positive definite kernels, continuous tensor products and central limit theorems of probability theory (1972) Parthasarathy KR and Schmidt K Springer LNM 272 Berlin

4. Photoinduced redox reactions in organic synthesis. In: Organic Photochemistry: Molecular and Supramolecular Photochemistry (1997) Pandey G (Ramamurthy V and Schanze KS Eds) Marcel Dekker Inc New York Vol. 1 Chapter 7 245-294

5. Dense granular flows: Rheology and segregation (2008) Khakkar DV and Sarkar S American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings 1027 938-940

A process for the preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers useful for separation of enzymes (2002) Vaidya A A, Lele BS, Kulkarni MG and Mashelkar RA US Patent No. 6, 379,599


Application Protocol

Please read carefully the following before proceeding to fill in the Application Form:

  • An online request from prospective candidates for Login ID and Password, for access to Application Form, shall be acknowledged through automatic response.
  • The accessed Application Form will be available online for 10 days for inclusion of all desired information.
  • In the event of disappearance of the Application Form due to 10 days’ requirement, a fresh request needs to be made for obtention of a new Login ID and Password.
  • For better management and simplicity, the Application Form is made out into 8 segments (i) Personal Details, (ii) References, (iiii) Academic Record, (iv) Career Profile, Research Guidance and Major Research Projects (v) Publications (Five Best Research Papers), (vi) Publications contd. (Total no. of Publications), (vii) Academic Vists Abroad; Professional Recognition, (viii) Work Summary; Research Programme; Plan of Teaching. Here, a dynamic time indicator on the web page has been placed to specify 30 minutes period for expiry of a session on each of the 8 segments; each segment is provided with Cut and Paste facility.
  • In order to save ‘information’ in a particular segment, please hit ‘Save & Continue’ button.
  • The applicants are required to attach their photograph in JPG(JPEG) / GIF format to the Form, which should be restricted to 100 to 200kb.
  • The Fifth and Sixth segments of the Application Form relating to Publications, Reprints etc., include Annexures (.pdf file) which are required to be in a particular Format ( Please click here to view the Publication Model Format)
  • Candidates, not successful in the first attempt, are eligible to apply again after a period of one year as computed from the cut-off date for processing of the earlier application.
  • All given instructions in regard to incorporation of required information in the Application Form must be meticulously observed.
  • Updates on submitted application shall not be entertained. However, The updated material can be submitted at the time of interview.

Detailed procedure for submission of Application Form

All applications in prescribed format shall be required to be submitted online with annexures (files), where indicated,  in PDF format (no fax or hard copy). Intending candidates shall receive a login ID and Password on entering some basic information (as answers to questions included in Registration Form for login ID and Password) to be able to have access to the Application Form:

Step 1

Go to website of the UGC-Faculty Recharge Programme (

Step 2

Click on the link "HOW TO APPLY", to know about the procedure, then click on the link "REGISTER" to access the "Registration Form" (Please answer all questions without omitting anyone).

Then press button "Submit". At this, you will receive an email containing a unique login ID and Password.

Step 3

Click on the link "HOME" where the login form is present. Fill in your login ID and Password and press the button "Login".

Step 4

Upon successful login, you will be taken to the full advertisement page; scroll down to see the openings enlisted discipline-wise.

Step 5

Press the “view positions” button of the discipline in which you want to apply. At this, you will see three positions for that particular discipline i.e Professor; Associate professor; Assistant professor. Press the “apply now button” relating to the position for which you want to apply.

Step 6

On pressing the “apply now button”, you will be taken to the first page of the Application Form.

Step 7

Fill in the Form directly on the site, attach necessary documents (Under Publications: Reprints of five Best Research Papers; Under Publications Contd.: Total no. of Publications) and press button "Save & Continue" to save information entered in each of the 8 segments. To submit the completed Application Form , press the button "Submit and Close" located in the Preview page.

(In case of any difficulty in uploading the filled-in Application Form, please contact us at