1. In the event of my selection, will I be able to get placed in an Institute of my preference?

The University Grants Commission will assist you in your placement, through harmonisation of interests of the University and your preference.

2. Will I have the choice to relocate in another University midstream?

Yes, it should be possible if, in the opinion of the University Grants Commission, the circumstances so warrant. However, the choice of the new Institution would be determined in the same manner as mentioned earlier.

3. Will I be provided with residential accommodation on the campus if I, as UGC Faculty, am placed in a residential State University?

The UGC Faculty will receive facilities including residential accommodation at par with those available to the Faculty of the host Institution.

4. Do the norms for UGC Faculty positions have a provision for midterm evaluation of performance of the appointees by an Expert Panel?

For positions of Assistant Professor and Associate Professor, there is available an opportunity for mid-term appraisal of their work by an Experts Panel for promotion to the next higher rank.

5. What are the deadlines for applying for Faculty positions under the UGC-Faculty Recharge Programme?

There are no deadlines. The applications will be received throughout the year. However, the cut off dates for processing of applications shall be as on 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December of a year respectively.

6. Whom do I contact if I face technical problems in filling in my Application online?

If you have any questions about the online interface system, please click the “query form” link on the Login page and let us know of your problems.

7. Do I have to fill in the online Application Form at one sitting?

The online Application is inclusive. You may create an account, save your answers and return to your Application as often as you like; until you click the ‘Submit’ button, you may edit/modify the details. Please read “Instructions” under “Application Protocol” for any restrictions in respect of time etc. while filling in the Application Form.

8. Can I apply for more than one Faculty position?

There is no need for that! If the positions are within the same discipline, the Selection Committee will determine the level where you could be fitted in.

9. What shall I do if I have forgotten my Password?

Please click the link (Forgot Password) on the Login Form (Home page) and fill the necessary details to obtain the Password again.

10. If I do not succeed in the first attempt, when can I apply a second time?

You will be eligible to apply a year after the cut off date for processing of your earlier Application.

11. What should I do if I do not have any material to fill-in a particular field?

In such a situation, please enter NAV for text column and 0 for numeric column.

12. What do I do if, by an oversight, I have entered wrong / incomplete information in the Application Form?

Due to security reasons, update on submitted Application Form is not possible at any point of time. So, please fill in the form carefully, check the entered information in Preview Form more than once before hitting the submit button!